Gallery Modifikasi Motor

Gallery Modifikasi Motor
Modifikasi Motor
Motorcycles are widely used means of transportation by the transportation community and become a favorite of both the middle and upper classes though. If the first two-wheeled motorcycle only a favorite for the middle class down, but now people digolongan ataspun prefer to use two-wheel motor, coupled with the emergence of two-wheeled motorcycle premium classes with a large capacity, making the growing class of two-wheeled enthusiasts.

Many reasons behind a person would prefer two-wheeled motorcycle, rather than cars. The first reason is more affordable than the price of motor cars, the second by using the motors we can further save money for transportation costs, and for lovers of modification, the modification of the motor is more efficient and more cost customnya.

For lovers of modification, there is only one reason why they decided to modify their bikes. The reason is they are not satisfied with the standard manufacturer and want to look different with other motors. Modifications made to the power generated, the display / motor body, until the motor trinkets such as mirrors, lights reting, etc..

Memodikasi motor is not easy, at least you should understand how a two-wheel motor can work and can walk. But for that matter, you just leave the place where the motor modifications that now many of mushroomed. You can just look that suits your pocket and can understand your desire to modfikasi a motorcycle.
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